A Balm in Gilead: Deepening our Understanding and Conversation about Race through the Eyes of Faith


This three part virtual session will be an opportunity to deep dive into the topic of Race, Racism, and Faith. The world has been drawn into this conversation with a new urgency since the summer of 2020; the challenge now is to fully integrate this with our everyday life. What is our spiritual understanding of race and racism? What does our faith call us to do? And how do we enter into truly transformative relationships with one another? As we break open scripture, read contemporary writings, and study different faith traditions, we will explore ways in which we ourselves are being called to enter into this work at this time-and what it means for ourselves, our country, and our world.


Join us on February 3rd, 10th, and 17th from 7pm to 8pm (Central Time)


About the Presenter
Danielle Harrison is the Co-Director of the Slavery, History, Memory and Reconciliation Project, an initiative of the Jesuit Conference of Canada and the United States. With over 26 years of experience of working in Christian environments, Danielle is a teacher, facilitator, trainer, consultant, spiritual director, campus minister and retreat director. She is a graduate of Dartmouth College, Saint Louis University Law School, and Aquinas Institute of Theology, where she received a Masters of Theology degree with a concentration in Biblical Studies. Danielle is a contributor to the African American Catholic Youth Bible (St. Mary's Press). She is also a trained facilitator for dismantling racism and promoting cultural competency and is passionate about speaking to issues of equity and inclusion. Danielle is married to Rev. Dr. Tim Harrison, an ordained member of the Methodist Church, and in her spare time, enjoys reading, singing, writing, and coloring mandalas!